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UCOM Compact Sugar Grinding System


The Bauermeister Compact Grinding Systems, designated the "UCOM", are explosion pressure shock resistant up to 10 bar overpressure. The well-known air circulation system has been consistently developed and improved. The heat energy released during grinding is extracted from the circulating air with the use of a cooling unit. By cooling the circulating air, it is no longer necessary to use ambient air for grinding systems. Therefore, dedusting filters are not used. This prevents moisture and humidity from entering into the system. Furthermore, the fan and explosion protection valves are no longer required.

The mill itself is mounted on a stand, and is fed by a rotary air lock which is flame penetration proof and explosion pressure shock resistant. After grinding, the product is discharged into a collecting hopper and released via a rotary air lock.

The air current required inside the grinding system is generated by the turbo rotor itself. Via a piping systema nd a heat exhanger, the air is continuously circulated. The heat exchanger is connected to a chilled water unit. If the plant does not have an existing source of chilled water, a separate unit can be provided.


Advantages of the compact systems:
• Explosion-proof design.
• No dedusting filter, explosion protection valves, or fan required.
• Lower investment costs compared to conventional grinding systems of explosion-proof design.


• Powder Sugar
• Sugar Substitutes
• Soluable Coffee
• Stearates
• Any Hydroscopic Product




Throughput for standard commercial icing sugar fineness (also known as 6X), approximately:

UCOM 0 up to 1,200
UCOM 1 up to 2,000
UCOM 2 up to 4,000
UCOM 3 up to 6,000
UCOM 4 up to 8,000