Grinding is one of the most frequent operations to be carried out in the processing industry in order to achieve either largest possible surface areas for subsequent reactions or defined particle sizes to influence their specific application characteristics.

The success of a grinding operation depends largely on the particular product and must be specially adapted to its specific properties. Flexible in their use, Bauermeister grinding systems operate successfully for a wide range of applications for grinding soft to medium-hard materials.

Bauermeister Universal mills and grinding systems are characterized by:

• State-of-the-art technology conforming to the latest safety standards (10 bar explosion pressure
* shock resistant and conform to 94/9 EC regulations)

• Flexible in regard to fineness via easy to change and combinable grinding elements and
*variable rotor speeds

• Different designs and sizes for diverse applications

• Available in mild and stainless steel versions

• Highly reliable and sturdy mechanical design

• Maintenance-friendly, low non-productive times

With over 100 years of worldwide experience grinding solutions are elaborated according to
customer specific requirements respective on basis of tests done in our in-house-technology center.

Our range of grinding systems is complemented by corresponding to the respective mill sizes

• Static and dynamic classifiers from our product range